Full translations coming soon


We are currently in the process of translating the game's rulebook in to French, German, Spanish and Norwegian.

We hope to have the rulebook translations laid out in the same way as the English rulebook and available as a PDF download from here and from BoardGameGeek by the end of January 2020.

For the moment, we are making available the text translation files as they stand. Note that these may be incomplete and are likely to have errors and consistency issues at the moment, but we wanted to make something available this Christmas for those playing in other languages.

Click the appropriate links below to access the files:

Rulebook and card translation text (German)
Rulebook and card translation text (French)
Rulebook translation (Norwegian)
All animal cards and some event cards translation (Norwegian)
Animal cards translation (Spanish)


Thanks to the following backers for their help with translations:

GERMAN - Christoph Spieker, Phillip Staudacher, Ryan Palfreyman, Florian Kohlar, Sean Sapcariu, Matthias Wiechol, Mareike Hoksch and Falk Jensen
FRENCH - David Pierrot, Jo Payet, Jérémie Thériault & Sophie Charreton
SPANISH - Felipe Trenova & Alex Box
NORWEGIAN - Susanne Aase