In The Champion of the Wild, you will need to choose one or more animals from your hand to represent you across a range of different events. There are 58 animals in the official roster and they are listed below.

Each beast has its strengths and weaknesses, making it ideal for certain events but comically awful at others.

Below are listed the original 50 animals from the First Edition of the game, in their creature categories, as well as the names of the 8 new animals that will be arriving with the Second Edition this November.

24 Land Mammals


7 Birds

9 Sea Creatures

5 Mini-Beasts

5 Reptiles

New Animals

There will be 8 new animals included in the Second Edition (due for global release in November 2019) - these animals will be:

1) Three-toed sloth
2) Honey Badger
3) Aardvark
4) Red Panda
5) Narwhal
6) Rainbow mantis shrimp
7) Poison dart frog
8) Flamingo

The Second Edition will also feature the Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel in place of the Squirrel of the First Edition.