Big Imagination Games is a tiny. independent publisher of board and card games based in Oxford, UK.

Founded in 2015 with a vision to bring to the world the first ever game about animals competing in physical events, The Champion of the Wild was finally funded on Kickstarter in October 2017 by 471 incredible backers.



Meet The Team

Designer - Tom Clare

Tom is a GP (or family doctor) living in the Oxford region with his wife and 4 young boys. Designer TCHe got hooked on modern board games 10 years ago, around the same time he first had the idea for The Champion of the Wild after his brother, Nick, asked him which animal he’d use to defend himself against an army of onrushing penguins.

He went on to gradually develop this idea over the next 8 years, making a decision to self-publish through crowdfunding and successfully securing the funds in October 2017.
He continues to work part time as a GP whilst starting up Big Imagination Games.

Aside from playing board games with friends and with his young children whenever possible, Tom is also a keen footballer and an avid Spurs fan who loves mountain walking when the pressures of family life allow it.

Artist - Kevin Chapman

Throughout the development of The Champion of the Wild, there is one thing that Artist Kevin Chapmanalmost all players have in common – a sense of awe at the art images on the cards.

Kevin is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in California, USA. His application for the job as artist for The Champion of the Wild included an uncommissioned piece that was inspired by reading Tom’s blog at the time. It was so good that he got the job hands-down, the art piece becoming the final art for the Royal Rumble card.

Graphic Designer - Dan Misson

Equally important in the beautification of this project, Dan has done a brilliant jobGraphic Designer Dan Misson of making The Champion of the Wild stand out on the shelf, providing the perfect framework to bring together the artwork and the mechanics of play.

Incredibly, this was Dan’s first foray in to the design of board and card games, carried out in his spare time away from his day job as the graphic designer for a local charity.

As tempted as he is by the idea of more work in the games industry, he is currently prioritising his ambition to become a magician!